Protection of personal data

Person in charge of the treatment

Data of contact of the person in charge: Carmen Torres Miras, with telephone of contact 692864071 and e-mail of contact


Your rights of protection of data

How to exercise your rights: You can direct a communication in writing to the indicated email address pertaining to VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE, including photocopies of your national identity document or another similar identifying document, to ask for the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to ask for the access to the personal data: you will be able to ask VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE if this company is treating your data.
  • Right to ask for its rectification (in case they are incorrect).
  • Right to ask for the limitation of their treatment, in which case the exercise or the defense of claims will only be conserved by VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE for.
  • Right to oppose you to the treatment: VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE will stop treating the data in the form that you indicate, unless by urgent legitimate reasons or the exercise or the defense of possible claims they must continue trying.
  • Right to the portability of the data: in case you want that your data are treated on the other signature, VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE will facilitate the portability of your data to the new person in charge.
  • Right to the erasure of the data: and except for legal imperative they will erase after your confirmation.


Models, forms and more information on your rights: Official page of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data

Possibility of retiring the consent: in case you have granted the consent for some specific purpose, you must right to retire it at any time, without it affects to the legality of the treatment based on the previous consent to its retirement.

How to protest before the Authority of Control: If you consider that there is a problem with the form in which VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE is handling your data, you can direct your claims to the Person in charge of Security of VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE (indicated above) or to the authority of protection of data that corresponds, being the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, the indicated one in the case of Spain.


Right to the forgetfulness and access to your personal data

At any moment you will have right to review, to recover, to anonimizar and/or to erase, total or partially, the data stored in the Website. You only must send an e-mail to and ask for it.


Conservation of the data

Released data: The released data will be conserved without term of suppression.

Data of the clients of the store online: The period of conservation of the personal data will vary based on the service that the client contracts in our Web. In any case, it will be the necessary minimum, being able to even stay:

  • 4 years: Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order (obligations in the matter of affiliation, discharges, losses, quote, payment of wages¦); Arts. 66 and sig. General law Tributaria (accounting books¦);
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions without special term)
  • 6 years: 30 Art.s Code of Commerce (books of accounting, invoices¦)
  • 10 years: 25 Art.s Law of Prevention of the Financing and Money laundering of the Terrorism.


Data of the subscribers to feed by e-mail: Ever since the user subscribes until he terminates himself.

Data of the subscribers when newsletter: Ever since the user subscribes until he terminates himself.

Data of users raised by VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE pages and profiles in social networks: Ever since the user offers his consent until he retires it.

When using any form of this Web of Videomarketing-Online, you will have an obligatory square of acceptance of our Policy of Privacy and handling of data, this specific policy in this same page and, therefore, only give to your consent to the use of your data with aims of marketing and publicity of own products and services of Videomarketing-Online.


Secret and security of the data

VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE is committed in the use of the data, to respect their confidentiality and to use them in agreement with the purpose of the same, as well as to give fulfillment to their obligation to keep them and to adapt all the measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, in accordance with the established thing in Real Decreto 1720/2007 of 21 of December by that the Regulation of development of Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December is approved, of Protection of Personal Character data.

You guarantee that the facilitated personal data through the forms are truthful, being forced to communicate any modification of the same.

Also, you guarantee that all the facilitated information corresponds with your real situation, that is bought up to date and is exact. In addition you must maintain your up-to-date data at any moment, being the only person in charge of the inaccuracy or falsification of the facilitated data and the damages that can cause for that reason to VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE as titling of, or to third parties on the occasion of the use of saying.

Breaches of security

VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE adopts reasonably suitable safety measures to detect the existence of virus, brute force attacks and injections of code.

However, you must be conscious that the safety measures of the computer science systems in Internet are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE cannot guarantee the nonexistence of virus or other elements that can produce alterations in the computer science systems (software and hardware) of the User or in their electronic documents and files contained in the same.

In spite of it, to try to guarantee the security and privacy of your personal data, Videomarketing-Online has a system of active monitoring of security that informs into each activity of the users and possible breaches in the security of the data of the users. In case of detecting some breach, VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE is committed to inform to the users in the maximum term of 72 hours, through their webpage or profiles in social means.

What information we successfully obtained of the users and why we used it

All the products and services supplied in the Videomarketing-Online website send to forms of contact, forms of commentaries and forms to carry out registries of user, subscription to newsletter and/or asked of hiring of services.

This website always requires the previous consent of the users to deal its personal data with the indicated aims. You must right to revoke your previous consent at any time.

Registry of activities of treatment of the data

Web and hosting: Videomarketing-Online counts on a coding of data that allows the safe shipment of personal data through forms of contact of standard type, lodged in the servers who VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE has contracted ONE.COM.


Data successfully obtained through the Web: The picked up personal data will be object of treatment automated and incorporated to the corresponding files of which VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE is titular.

  • Your IP will arrive to us, that will be used to verify the origin of the message in order to offer information, protection to you against commentaries Spam and to detect possible irregularities (for example: opposed parts of the same case write in the website from the same IP), as well as data regarding their ISP.
  • Also, you will be able to facilitate your data to us to traverse e-mail and other mass media available in our page of


Form of commentaries: In the Web the possibility that exists the users leave commentaries to publications of the site. A cookie exists that stores the data facilitated by the user so that it does not have to return to introduce them in each new visit and in addition they internally pick up the direction of email, names, Web and direction IP.

The data are stored in the ONE.COM servers


Registry of users: They are not admitted except for express request.


Form of purchase: In order to accede to products and services supplied in our Web, the user has a subject form of hiring to the conditions of hiring specified in our terms and conditions where payment and contact data will be required to him.

The data are stored in the ONE.COM servers

We compile information on you during the process of hiring in our Web. This information can include, and not only this, your name, direction, e-mail, telephone, details of payment and other necessary ones to be able to process your orders. The management of these data allows us:

  • To send important information to you of your account/requested/service.
  • To respond to your requests, complaints and requests of reimbursement.
  • To process payments and to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • To form and to administer your account, to give technical service you and of client, and to verify your identity.

Perhaps additionally, also we compile the following information:

  • Location and data of traffic (including direction IP and the navigator) if beams an order, or if we needed to consider taxes and costs of shipment based on your location.
  • Pages of product visited and visualized content while your session is active.
  • Your product commentaries and reviews if you choose to leave them.
  • Direction of shipment if you request shipment costs before making the purchase while your session is active.
  • Cookies essential to make the pursuit of the contents of your cart while your session is active.
  • Mail and password of your account to allow you to accede to your account, if you have one.
  • If you create an account we kept your name, direction and telephone, to use them in your requested futures.


Forms of subscription to Newsletter: VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE can use the service of shipment of newsletters (bulletins by email electronic) of Mailchimp, company located in the United States, that stores your data of e-mail, names and acceptance of the subscription. You can at any time annul the subscription to the located bulletin by means of a specific connection to the bottom of each shipment that you receive

E-mail: Our lender of services of e-mail is ONE.COM, through his service of management of associated corporative mail to our domain.

Instantaneous mail:  VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE serves through instantaneous mail as, for example, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, with the aim of offering an attention to the quality client, being the client the one that contacts first with Videomarketing-Online.


Content inlhelp from other Webs

The articles of Videomarketing-Online can include inlhelp content (p.ej videos, images, articles, etc.). The content inlhelp from other Webs bucket in the same way that if the visitor has visited the other Web. These Webs can collect data on you, use cookies, inlay pursuit of third parties, and watch your interaction with the inlhelp content, including the pursuit of your interaction with the inlhelp content if you have an account or you are connected to that Web.

Other services: Certain served through website of Videomarketing-Online can contain particular conditions with specific forecasts in the matter of protection of personal data. One takes indispensable his reading and acceptance with previous character to the request of in question service.

Purpose and legitimation: The purpose of the treatment of these data will be only the one to give the information or services to you that you solicit to us.


Social networks

Presence in networks: VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE counts on profiles in some of the main social networks of Internet.

Purpose and legitimation: The treatment that VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE will carry out with the data within each one of the referred networks will be, at the most, the one that the social network allows the corporative profiles. Therefore, VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE will be able to inform, when the law does not prohibit it, to their followers by any route that the social network allows on its activities, events, supplies, as well as to serve customized of attention to the client.

Extraction of data: In no case VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE it will extract data of the social networks, unless the consent of the user for it were obtained specifically precise and.

Rights: When, due to the own nature of the social networks, the effective exercise of the rights of protection of data of the follower is submitted to the modification of the personal profile of this, VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE will help and advise you to this end in the measurement of their possibilities.

Ordered of the treatment outside the EU

Social networks. VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE makes use of the American social network Facebook, to that is realised an international transference of analytical and technical data, of type in relation to the website being in its servers in whom VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE treats the data that, through her, the users, subscribers or navigators give to signature VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE or share with this.

When activating a subscription or facilitating your data of payment, you understand and you accept our policy of privacy and cookies. You will always have right to the access, rectification, suppression, limitation, portability and forgetfulness of your data.

From the moment at which you register yourself as user in this Web, VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE has access a: Name of user and e-mail, telephone, direction IP, DNI/CIF and data of payment. In any case VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE reserves the right to modify, at any time and without needing previous warning, but informing, the presentation and configuration of the Videomarketing-Online website as the present legal warning.

Commitments and obligations with our users

The access and/or use of Videomarketing-Online totally attribute to that realises it the condition of user, accepting, from this same moment, and without reserve some, the present legal warning in relation to certain services and contents of Videomarketing-Online.

In the use of Videomarketing-Online the user commits himself not to take to end no conduct that could damage the image, the interests and the rights of VIDEOMARKETING-ONLINE or third parties or that could damage, make unusable or overload the Videomarketing-Online portal or that prevented, anyway, the normal use of Videomarketing-Online.