4 reasons for which you must initiate a strategy of corporative video in your company from today

In an era of hyperconnectivity, the rules of enlistment generation or œengagement have changed of considerable way. Nowadays the consumers are bombed with high volumes of announcements through different information channels.

To the salary so many sources of intelligence, the most intelligent consumers have chosen to retire of the invasive advertising traditional model to one where they are the protagonists, optimize their time and decide that contained to consume, to the letter.

At the moment the content type video in Internet occupies more of 80% of the traffic of Internet so today more than ever your company it needs a strategy corporative videos that drives your brand and monopolizes something of that vast traffic.

Right now I share the good reasons to you by which your company needs structures campaigns video marketing and as that can help you to drive your business or marks:

ADVICE 1 “ the video generates commitment or œengagement made your brand

Just when your potential clients arrive at your landing page, they are immediately going to need information on your proposal value, of detailed form as well as the steps to know how how to obtain what is that you are offering.

If you are going to try to communicate what you only offer with texts and images, which will happen is that you will have problems to capture the attention of many of the visitors who you have attracted. To add a corporative video in your main page, significantly will improve your results as business.

In my channel of YouTube you will be able to find many examples perhaps that they can guide to you. ” ” ” ” ” - TO GO TO YOUTUBE 

ADVICE 2 “ the video increases your relevance in web search engines of Internet

In the last years, Facebook, Bing and Google have fit their algorithms to align themselves more near which it is the usuary average of the Web. That means that these companies have structured their methods so that the user receives more information of quality than simply to optimize a blog with a word or key phrase.

When noticing the tendency of which the users in Internet prefer plus the video by over another format of content, technological giant sayings has improved its results for those who have videos in their main pages. With corporative videos in your website, you will index better and that is translated in more clients.

ADVICE 3 “ the content in video generates major confidence

In this the confidence was digital can be translated in a commodittie of high value. With so many advertising shocks, the consumer nowadays looks for sources is transparent and reliable by on any thing.

Thanks to the corporative video, you will be able to give personality to your brand and to send your message in your own terms, inviting to your consumer to explore your supply of value. You can use different types from content in video to generate that.

ADVICE 4 “ the video strategy marketing works well in multiple platforms

It is clear that the world at the moment is more movable than ever with million character consuming its cellular contents from intelligent and tablets. Many begin their experiences of purchase in mobile and they finish them in its laptops or desktop computers.

The statistics demonstrate that the contents type video work well in all those platforms whereas the images and the text do not have the same impact. If your objective is to offer a multi-channel experience, then the corporative video is your better option.


The corporative videos increase to your traffic Web and position your brand indeed. Give a look him to which I must to show on Video Marketing to you in this connection: CORPORATIVE VIDEOS FOR YOUR BRAND

Writing by CarmenVMK

12 May, 2020

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