4 simple advice so that you have effective campaigns of corporative videos for your brand

At the present time more than ever the people around the world is consuming contained type video. That is the reason for which the social networks are being oriented to the videos progressively.

According to statistics it is anticipated that for the 2022 traffic in Internet corresponding to videos it will occupy and nothing nothing else less than 82%, a number not at all badly, especially if at the moment you own a business or a brand that to impel.

The most important so that you have effective campaigns of corporative videos for your brand will be the one of knowing in the long term where it is your hearing and your also to be there with competent content, attractive and with a clear strategic vision.

The corporative videos give information in ways that are enganchadoras and easy to understand for your hearing that simply texts and images.

Immediately I will share some advice to you so that your campaigns of video marketing benefit the objectives from your business:


To evoke emotions always must be the center of your campaigns of marketing by means of the use of corporative videos. The emotions derive in that your clients stimulate their desires and respond before your supply of value.

Luckily for you, the videos are the best type of content than it manages to communicate the emotions of the best way. To incorporate real people in your videos type œto explainer manages to have a tremendous impact in which you want to communicate.

In my channel of YouTube you will be able to find many examples perhaps that they can guide to you. ” ” ” ” ” - TO GO TO YOUTUBE 

ADVICE 2 “ IT ALWAYS APPEALS TO the œStorytelling

This advice is related directly to the previous one for the simple reason that evoking emotions, he is needed to have basic a wonderful history and that your hearing is connected with her.

A good Storytelling animates to your hearing to understand better your supply of value without having to use the classic methods of direct sale. The corporative videos that know to connect with the history of your business or projects, are the directed successful.


Although the truth is that they will always have (and the truth is expected) that your campaigns of corporative videos are oriented on sale exclusively, is that also there will be hearings to those who they do not like that they sell to them directly.

For Social Average especially, you will have to generate corporative contents and videos that show your products or services in exciting contexts that make forget the consumer who is receiving a publicity.


Your brand in itself is a tone and a voice. Your form to communicate by means of videos will have to adapt itself to as your hearing speaks and until how thinks. This becomes important in the measurement that your brand has solid presence in social platforms.

You never must lose of view that your main objective with the corporative videos will be the one to connect your supply of value with your present and potential clients. So it adapts your communication for such aim!


The popularity of the corporative videos will not decrease, so it adopts these advice and to explore the video marketing in your business. Give a look him to which I must to show on Video Marketing to you in this connection: CORPORATIVE VIDEOS FOR YOUR BRAND

Writing by CarmenVMK

4 May, 2020

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