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24 August, 2019


Hello I am Carmen Torres and I dedicate to the video Marketing and today I want to speak to you of a subject that I like much, the creation of the video interviews, but of a very different form than come seeing.

On the visibility.

Arrived at this point I do not believe that it must make an effort to me in explaining much to you that a company that does not have visibility in Internet is as if did not exist.

The visibility is the first step of your funnel of sales and I want that you have a clear thing, the expert who more money wins is not that one that knows more, but that one that more visibility has in Internet.

It is not easy and he is not something fast to gain visibility, but he is something that you can obtain and that these by all means forced to do if you want that your business grows.

What is does the video interview?It gives the opportunity to communicate to the world the benefits that other people have secured when there is acquired n their services, produce approach, confidence, credibility, humanity.

It tells to the enterprise and personal experience by means of some basic open questions and this cause great impact to the user.

If you are company you must have a company video. Why it serves to me to have one

does video interview?

When you have a service that you need that well it is understood by the user before this goes, and you do not know how to generate that confidence, this is, without a doubt, your method.

Many doctors, physiotherapists or sanitary personnel who have business online, estan taking advantage of this technique to occur to know and to produce in the client confidence and that therefore is in the end decided by its services before by others.

If you enter YouTube and you go to the channel of the Sabadell bank you will see that they take to some years using this and have grown more of a 70% in followers.

Direct link to the channel.

It breaks with myths of your sector and begins to differentiate to you.

Explanatory video envelope which is a video interviews


There are many forms to communicate, but the video is the Best one.

To whom it goes sent this type of video marketing?

First that you must consider it is that preparing a video of type interview usually is focused more for lawyers, psychologists, physiotherapists, coach, odontologist, etc.

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