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Corporative video

The corporative video offers many advantages to you within a marketing campaign online. It is made generally to obtain a visibility and power to explain of an indirect form all the values, because of the company and their mission within the world of the businesses.

What is a Corporative Video?

Whenever we speak of a corporative video are many options according to what we want to transmit and the form in what doing it.

With this type of video one looks for to obtain a special bond with the client and one of the best forms to do it is to traverse, of contents that are able to move, to hit and to even seduce future clients. 

Because to make a corporative video?


If what you look for they are the great reasons by which to make this type of videos I will give some you:







How to make a Corporative video?


Here I know clearly that you must put to you into the hands of a professional, in addition to having all the material that you need, ten in account that daily faces that type of challenges and will be able to give many advice you and to guide you by the way so that you have a corporative bidet of scandal.

What must contain a Corporative Video?


In order to mark the difference he is essential that the video this correctly structured, of such way, that the message that is wanted to transmit is clear and concise.

Good an aesthetic one will be essential, attractive bottoms and everything what has to do with the part more technical than this organized good.

The duration of a corporative video must go up to around maximum the 2 min.

Music for a corporative video is very important because it will be able to guide to you without DES tells you or could produce the opposite effect and want to stop seeing it immediately.

What to say in a corporative video?


The first that we go to do is to have a clear message, short and concise thing.

To make a small script will help us much. We will speak of the values, vision and mission of the company so that therefore the client can understand and understand because of the company and thus the later sale of any product or service is much more easy.

The tone always will be very near as if him hablaramos a friend. The rate and the times must go very controlled also if we want an attractive corporative video and that it does not tire when seeing it.

Price of the corporative video?


In the first that we thought whenever we are going to realise some action of marketing for the company it is in the price. As soon as it is going to me to cost this.

Because I primeroque did it well when undertaking this business was to investigate in more than 12 companies of audio-visual that price tapeworm a corporative video and surprising me parecio what I discovered.

The rank of prices this between 700‚¬ and 3.900‚¬ a video. As you will be able to verify my prices are lower since I am freelance and not a company of audio-visual with 10 employees.

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This he is one of the examples.

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Types of corporative Videos


Lawyers                            Veterinarians

Restaurants                       Multinivel

Coach                                  Professor

Physiotherapists                    Personal trainer

Agencies of services           Pharmacy

Real estate                       etc¦




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