Actress of Video Marketing

You want to have videos of your products/services?


Specialist in Video Marketing for companies, training, presenter, speakers of events and Expert in coaching.

Great companies have trusting in me, to be the image and voice of their advertising and tutorial videos.

My trajectory

I am specialistic in video Marketing, expert in coach, singer, presenter and speaker of events.

I have worked as presenter of courses for businessmen of all Spain, I have gained several musical programs in television, and am the image of some pharmaceutical companies.

I have formed with the best professionals of Spain in the world of oratorical and the communication, in addition to studying the marketing master online and having obtained the certificate of educator adobe, because I believe that there is to be updated and is necessary to recycle every day.





why to have me for your project?

So that a video is effective, it helps to show the values you of your company, to generate confidence and to attract more clients, you need a professional who is able to catch what you want to transmit.

1. Experience

I have been audio-visual years dedicating me to the world of, studying technical of the oratory and marketing and am the image of many products that there are in the market.

2. Proximity

One of my more outstanding characteristics is the proximity because fodder that all we needed that point help and understanding to be able to coexist and to learn.

3. Credibility

The near being, jeopardizes, professional with the client, to take his project as mine and to always maintain the smile. In my videos always I have a positive attitude first of all.

Everything what you look for

I will obtain that your video is near, authentic, valuable, entertained, empathic and touching.