It learns to communicate in video

You have phelp attention that the businesses of more success have a video strategy marketing?

Yes, exact!

Videos in YouTube, the different RRSS and webpages.

By this, I must notice to you, that if you want to be, you it does not have left more remedy than to learn to make videos and to be present in all the platforms done for it.

For that reason, today I go.

If you are raising to you to make your own professional videos, you must read what I must tell you.

Here I am, were presenter in a course for businessmen, who as you, look for to grow, to emphasize, to be different yourself and not to remain behind their competition.

I will teach to you as you can put in front of 400 people directly and speak to you to them without putting to you of the nerves.

If you are reading this perhaps is because¦


  1. You put yourself in front of a camera and you feel blocked or clumsy?
  2. To speak in public it gives fear you, sweat to you do the hands and you remain in target?
  3. To record videos it is made you uphill and it isn't happened to you by where home?
  4. You are placed against the objective and you don't know how to move your arms or where to look?

You only need techniques to give a professional touch to your communication.

It learns to communicate in video is your course.

Course Online Learns to communicate in Video


I share with you what I use and what works to me. Nothing of super theories that you never finish reading.

If you want to speak in public or in front of the camera and to feel:

  • Relaxed.
  • Natural.
  • To speak with ease.
  • Trusting to the 100%.
  • With the clear ideas.

And all this using the glance, face and corporal gestures so that you can connect with your public.

It learns to communicate in video

What includes this course online?

25 episodes in video to learn to communicate in video or in front of the public with naturalness. To publish as a professional. Method explained step by step. From the home until the end.


Module 1 | preparation

  • Welcome to the course
  • The 10 types of video who we can record
  • Method œME PONGO' ˜to prepare your videos
  • Planes and duration of the video
  • It plans your recording
  • Structure of a script
  • Structure of webinar
  • Techniques to speak in front of the camera
  • Clothes and make-up 

Module 2 | Recording

  • Preparation of mind, body and voice
  • Technical equipment
  • To record in HD or 4K
  • Illumination
  • Sound
  • Camera
  • Gestures against the camera and postcripts
  • Teleprompter

Module 3 | Edition

  • Recording and cleaning of audio with audacity
  • Basic edition with Adobe Premiere
  • To put voice in off to a video and adding music to him
  • To clear chroma key and to improve the quality of image

Module 4 | Publication

  • Head and minuaturas for your videos
  • To raise the video YouTube and to form your channel
  • Measures according to the social networks
  • Persuasive Copy and structure

In addition, exercises and groups to unload

At the end of each episode I propose an activity to you and you will have groups to help to understand better the explained thing you and so that you put into action the learned thing.

Hello, I am Carmen Torres

Specialist in Video Marketing for companies, presenter and speakers of events and Expert in coaching.

The first time that I put myself upon a scene was 18 years old. It was to present me to a musical program of the channel Castille-La Mancha, cua, l by the way, I won.

It would lie to you if I tell you that she was so calm and that it did brilliant. What goes! He was nervous, lost, uncertain, rigid, clumsy¦ but I did it! And the best thing of everything is than later more opportunities arrived than although they were not only as singing I also liked, presentations of events for several companies of different sectors and minicourses online.

Little by little I was taking practical with doing it, doing it and to do it. I formed, and now over the years and thanks to the fact that I have practiced much putting to me in front of the camera and making videos, and effectively correct communicating, no longer it is a problem, and in addition, it enchants to me. The same can happen to you.

What I tell in this course to you I have learned it of my experience of more than 20 years as signaller and of good teachers who I have had in the way.

Hopefully it would have had this
course when I began!

It learns to communicate in video

If you choose this course

The great value that I contribute to you as Premium (extra) she is my guide and advising in all the course, through zoom lens.

Limitless access to this course and its groups, so that you can look it whenever you need it.

We will work together on certain videos and I will give feedback you on the chosen content, the script and the recordings where you will apply the acquired knowledge.

I will comment the aspects in detail to you to also improve and the positive aspects of your communication so that you continue them harnessing.

In addition, of GIFT, the complete course œMy Web from 0 to 100 ' ˜to learn, as choosing good hosting, domain and as installing and creating your own webpage.

To receive my point of view will give a great impulse him to your learning.


The video. Format stars of the present and the future

Every day more videos are consumed.

The communication with your clients by videollamada videoconference or is a reality that has come to remain.

To make this course will help you to communicate to you with your potential clients through the screen or in person, of a more professional way.

If improvements your communication in video, desire:

  • Much more credibility, the best thing of any brand is the people whom there are behind them.
  • More confidence, because they will see more professional you.
  • Visibility, since you will not need to hope to that anybody that publishes by you the videos.
  • More reach.
  • Most important: DIFFERENTIATION.

My advice: He learns to communicate in video ALREADY.

He accedes to all the content of immediate form and with maximum guarantee

Once you acquire the course, you will indefinitely have immediate access to all the material.

If you follow the learning process that I propose to you, step by step, in the established order, and beams the exercises that I suggest to you, this formation will serve you TO IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION in front of the camera.

I guarantee it to You!

For this reason accounts with my guarantee of return of the 100% during a term of 15 days.

If in that time you see that the course is not to you useful, writes a mail to me to showing to me the activities that you have realised and I will give back the total amount to you of given money.

I remember to you what includes this course

25 episodes in video to learn to communicate in video or in front of the public with naturalness. To publish as a professional. Method explained step by step. From the home until the end.

Speech in front of the camera with naturalness, ease and confidence.

It knows the tricks the professional signallers.

It transmits your ideas in video of clear and convincing way.

It connects with your public and your clients.


It arrives far all that you want thanks to your videos.