Carmen Torres

Specialist in Video Marketing for companies, training, presenter, speakers of events and Expert in coaching.

The world of the audio-visual ones is my passion and today finally I can dedicate me to it.

I am here for helping entrepreneurs to increase its visibility online, through video, and thus, to transform and to manage its business in the new one were digital more of the 2020 and after covid-19.

After being businessman almost all my life and to have 6 businesses, I decided to form enterprise before mounting my seventh.

Been born in Granollers (Barcelona) and without a defined profession. Self-taught person by passional nature and without remedy.

Art in the veins

The recording of videos and the photography always has been my weakness among others many things. When I decided to undertake this way did not know very well what would happen, but a thing knew it clearly, the diversion was assured.

To help to other companies in its way towards the success gives to much peace and joy me in my life. The challenges enchant to me and for me every day there is a new one.

My years in Level UP

During my years in the greater company of formation than it exists at the moment in Spain, on enterprise formation for independent and the SMEs, there am shortage several secrets that the great companies do not want that you know.

You want to be able to attract new clients? To clearly define the image of your brand? To learn to communicate effectively? Internet is very great and you feel that your voice falls in the forgetfulness, but I offer the perfect tool to you to catch the attention of your potential clients: persuasion through of the video marketing and the professional photography.